Roswell, GA – September 16, 2013 – VTi Communications Group Inc., a Georgia based Telecommunications Services company specializing in VoIP Telephony Services has announced the launch of its Telephone Hosting Service that will provide Internet-based telephone services. “As cloud-based telephone technology has evolved and available bandwidth increased, we felt the time was perfect to develop a quality hosted solution that provides features not typical of hosted solutions”, VTi’s Managing Partner Michael Skorb announced.

The VTi infrastructure provides a dedicated, full-featured, corporate phone system regardless of the number of locations and users.  For example, company-specific dialing plans allow users to forward calls to a home or cell phone, conference other phones, and call between company phones using system extensions.  Also, auto-attendant services offered by VTi will provide automated call routing.  VTi Customers will be able to manage their system features from a convenient browser-based portal.

VTi’s hosting offering provides many features businesses have come to expect from VoIP phone systems but that have not been available from Cloud-based services. VTi’s product provides an integrated phone solution targeting businesses looking for features beneficial to their daily operations and allows phones to be used anywhere there is available Internet.  Additionally, both voicemail and fax applications integrate with the users’ email.  VTi’s architecture will provide businesses with a dedicated phone system regardless of the business users’ locations.

“Our hosting infrastructure will allow VTi to provide voice services, not only to the Metro Atlanta Area but throughout the country.  We can now provide the VoIP solution that most accurately addresses our customers’ technical and financial requirements.” VTi’s Lead Architect, Ben Bierbaum, added.

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VTI Communications Group, Inc. provides complete business communications solutions and specializes in addressing the Internet Telephony needs of its customers and partners located in the Metro Atlanta Area and throughout the Southeast. VTi solutions provide companies with integrated voice, data, and video environments.  To learn more about VTi Communications, visit or contact them directly at 678-722-8330 or

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