When looking for a new phone system, companies must evaluate their needs along with their corporate structure to determine the best solution.  Today, Internet based “cloud” services are a popular trend and offer many valuable business services.  However, there are many considerations to be evaluated before making a final decision.  In today’s “virtual” cloud-based world, there are many instances when a corporate owned telephone system is not the best solution for companies and a hosted solution provides a better fit.

Today’s Hosted Telephone Services provide businesses and individuals feature rich Voice over Internet (VoIP) services at a very competitive monthly cost, while avoiding the initial capital and on-going maintenance expenses of a company owned telephone system. With a Hosted Voice Solution, businesses outsource their telecommunications services and can provide corporate telephone access to their remote/work at home employees.  This allows businesses that are spread across many different geographical locations an easy way to provide and manage a consolidated solution that offers employees the same features and functionality of a dedicated onsite VoIP solution without the initial capital expenditure or the ongoing support costs.  Advanced features include:

  • User/business specific calling plans
  • Voicemail and fax services that integrate with the company email system
  • Custom call handling features
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Mobile/Smartphone integration & Find me/Follow me functionality
  • Multi-party conferencing


Hosted solutions are especially useful when a company has many home-based employees and they want a unified communications system that provides a single, consistent solution for all employees.  An Internet cloud based telephone system provides the features of a dedicated corporate system to geographically dispersed employees.  All that is required is a high-speed Internet connection and the company’s employees can access the corporate phone system without requiring a separate connection for their voice services.  All corporate communications are handled via their Internet connection.

For those times when a company requires a dedicated phone system but does not have the resources necessary to support a local system or has a distributed workforce, cloud based hosted telephone services provide businesses the features and functionality previously only available from an on-premise, company owned phone system.  This is available today without the initial capital cost of a dedicated phone system or the added internal support requirements necessary to manage a corporate phone system.  Hosted services are generally offered in a variety of service packages with the features priced and configured according to the specific needs of the business.

VTi Communications Group offers a hosted telephone solution that provides corporate phone system features and functionality via the public Internet that addresses multiple requirements including:

  • Internet Connected Telephone
  • Integrated Personal Computer “Softphone” that provides the features and functionality of a dedicated telephone without a standalone telephone
  • Smartphone Integration that allows businesses to route calls to employees when they are away from the office.

Michael Skorb
Managing Partner


VTI Communications Group, Inc. provides complete business communications solutions and specializes in addressing the Internet Telephony needs of its customers and partners located in the Metro Atlanta Area and throughout the Southeast. VTi solutions provide companies with integrated voice, data and video environments.  To learn more about VTi Communications, visit www.vticom.com or contact them directly at 678-722-8330 or info@VTicom.com.

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