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VoIP refers to a telephone system that routes voice calls over data networks using Internet Protocol (IP). This may be an internal corporate network (Intranet), the public Internet, or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that traverses the Internet.  As far as the data network is concerned, VoIP calls are no different from e-mails, instant messages, or Web pages, which can be distributed between Internet-connected machines, including computers, wireless devices, or VoIP phones.

VoIP systems provide the same reliability of traditional phone systems, but over a shared IP infrastructure. This provides a dedicated voice solution with more robust features than traditional phone systems and the potential to integrate with the data environment. Increased reliability and additional functionality provide an excellent opportunity for VTi customers to increase voice system functionality, maintain existing service levels, integrate data functionality, and more importantly, reduce costs.

VoIP users can make and receive telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. With VoIP, voice traffic is converted into data packets and transmitted over the public Internet and/or over a private IP network. VoIP service connects users not only with other VoIP customers but also with traditional phone services, such as landline networks, and wireless cell phone networks. For those calls, VoIP systems interface with the traditional telephone providers, and the data packets are converted into a regular telephone signal.

Hosted Telephone Services provide businesses and individuals with phone services that include business phone system features without purchasing and maintaining expensive telecommunications equipment. Hosted PBX or Voice Solutions are especially valuable for businesses that want to outsource their telecommunications management or have many remote employees or offices. A hosted solution provides employees many of the same features and functionality of an on-premise solution without the initial capital expenditure or ongoing internal support costs. These features include Voicemail, Outlook integration, smartphone integration, and multi-party conferencing among many other features.

Hosted Services are generally offered in a variety of service packages with the features priced and configured according to the specific needs of the business. VTi Communications Group is a complete business communication solution provider and will create a solution based on your specific needs.

VoIP refers to a basic Internet-based telephone system. Unified Communications is more advanced. Among Unified Communications’ many advantages are sophisticated call center features, conferencing that combines voice, data, video and desktop sharing, and presence.

Typically, VTi Communications can support telephone number porting from your current service provider. VTi will configure your system with your current numbers and provide your employees and customers with a seamless conversion with limited service interruption. Line forwarding typically takes less than an hour, however, it can take 3-4 weeks to complete the porting process.

The amount of bandwidth for a call depends on the VoIP encoding protocol used but in general, the maximum bandwidth required is less than 100kbps per call and can be as low as 30kbps with some standard compression protocols.  Most clients already have Internet access in place that can handle multiple phones.

VTi Communication’s Group’s VoIP solutions provide a complete Unified Communications solution that includes telephone integration with email systems and Instant Messaging. Additionally, VoIP solutions can be integrated with data applications such as Salesforce.com. Available integrations include screen pop and click-to-dial functions.  Users can also run reports and dashboards against call connection information with integrated databases. This is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

VTi’s VoIP solution also provides integration with many smartphone vendors including Apple and Android that allow users to use their Cellular Telephones and available Wi-Fi or Cellular Data networks to make and receive calls. This is a very popular solution for road workers that always want to be reachable via a company phone number. It is also a great solution for workers who travel internationally since it allows users to use Wi-Fi access to receive calls to their company phone number and avoid international roaming charges.

A VoIP system provides many different options for accessing your telephone services. VTi Communications Group’s VoIP systems do support traditional desktop telephones with many advanced features. However, users may also choose a “Soft Phone” application that provides phone access via a desktop or laptop computer. The customer uses the built-in microphone and speakers or an optional headset to make and receive calls.  Softphone applications will act as the user’s phone with many of the same features including caller id. So, there is no actual phone needed to use the system and in many cases, the computer softphone application provides more advanced features and integration with computer-based applications including email, contacts, and Instant Messenger.

The main requirement is a reliable Internet connection.  The faster your internal network connection, the better the call quality will typically be. With a high-speed broadband connection, for example, multiple users can make calls and surf the Internet at the same time.

A SIP trunk is a connection between your IP network and the SIP network of your telephony provider – in essence, a SIP trunk is an Internet-based phone line directly connected with the public telephone network.

VoIP providers in the United States provide “enhanced 911” (E911) service so that users can dial 911 and reach the appropriate emergency call center. E911 is an advancement over the traditional 911 Emergency phone system and provides emergency operators with a physical address for each incoming call. E911 compliant systems connect the caller and their address directly to the local public safety officials.

If you have already had an Internet connection, many times VTi can get your new hosted voice solution up and running in 7-14 business days.

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