Today’s hosted telephone systems provide businesses with the features and functionality previously only available via an onsite phone system.  Businesses of any size can now have a business telephone system without the initial cost or the added internal support requirements.  Hosted VoIP solutions provide full-featured communications solutions that utilize a company’s internal data network and Internet connectivity to transport calls with added benefits that include:

  • A single phone system that integrates all office locations regardless of geographic locations
  • Countrywide telephone provisioning so that customers have a local presence where required and offices can easily communicate between each other
  •  Companies no longer require parallel cable plants since IP phones utilize the existing data network

Hosted VoIP technology provides a flexible telephone solution that can address the requirements of multiple businesses.  The following features are typically available with hosted systems, many provided at no additional cost:

  • 3-way call conferencing
  • Auto Attendants and personalized ring groups
  •  User/business specific dial plans that include Time of Day and Holiday specific Call Routing
  • Music on hold system that allows customers to upload custom messages
  • Voicemail that includes Voicemail to email and text notifications
  • Custom call handling features including Call Transfers, Call Parking and DND/Busy Lamp Fields
  • Simple web based portals that allow administrators and employees to manage system settings, individual extension features, call routing, and review billing information
  • Call Routing to an external phones and cellphones

Because most hosted solutions are based on SIP standards there are many telephone options available to customers.  Typically, providers recommend a selection of telephones that address the customers’ varying price and usage requirements.  These phones are typically delivered to the customer fully provisioned, which means that the customer can connect the phone to the data network and immediately place calls.  In addition to standard telephones, most providers also support:

  • Customers provided SIP telephones
  • Personal Computer “Softphones” that provide the features and functionality of a dedicated telephone on a desktop or laptop computer
  • Smartphone and tablet applications that route calls via the wi-fi or cellular data networks

Most providers also offer advanced features including:

  • Dedicated conference bridges
  • Operator consoles
  • Call Center support
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Hosted Fax services
  • Application integration with data applications including and Outlook
  • Call Recording

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